When you green your roof, you green more than your roof.  You green our
planet.  Green roofs absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants almost immediately
after planting - in the first 3-5 years!  They provide us with life-giving oxygen.  
They help us manage our stormwater and keep our freshwater runoff from
polluting and diluting our ocean waters.  Green roofs are an important means of
cooling not only one building, but a whole city.  When green roofs cool our
coastal cities, our coastal waters will be cooled.  Our oceans and climate will
stabilize.  We can reduce peak demand and increase our energy efficiency.  
Green roof by green roof, we can each make a difference.
Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
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the climatic importance of greening our cities,
top-down, starting with green roofs
Photo courtesy of  Roofscapes, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Carlisle Syntec, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc.
WGBH Green Roof:
Photo taken by K. Weber
Green Your Roof, Cool Our Cities, Save Our Planet