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Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
Types of Services
Earth Our Only Home, Inc. is a dynamic company ready to:

  • assist you in all your exterior greening needs:  green
    roofs, living walls, vertical plantings, tree islands,
    gardens, wetlands, arbors, and parks.

  • help you plan and plant your green roof from start to
    finish using the most current technologies and
    qualified specialists.

  • work with you to integrate all available technologies
    to reduce your facility's energy costs and to improve
    its stormwater management.

  • offer maintenance strategies including warranties
    and services.
Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
About Green Roofs
Green Roofs

A green roof is a roof that has been planted with vegetation - the extent
of which is ultimately determined by the green roof's purpose, the
building's weight-bearing capacity, and the client's budget and aesthetic
preference.  It has the potential to extend the life of a conventional roof
for up to 50-100 years, reduce energy costs, and add a new bright
dimension to otherwise ugly unused space.
Global Problems:

•    Greenhouse effect
•    Urban heat island effect
•    High cost of energy to heat
      and cool buildings
•    Increased demand for diminishing
•    Inadequate supplies of sources of
•    Overload of power grids causing
•    Overload of stormwater grid causing
•    Increased numbers of children and      
      adults suffering from asthma
•    Increased number of allergens in the
•    Noise pollution
•    Air pollution
•    Replacing a conventional roof is costly
      in time, labor, and resources
•    Most conventional flat roofs are
•    Nature Deficit Disorder
•    High crime rates in urban areas
Green Roof Solutions:

•       Remove CO2 in 3-5 yrs
       Give us Oxygen
•       Reduce ambient air temperature
•       Lower air conditioning costs
•       Lower heating cost
•       Extend life of original roof due to
         protection from UV rays
•       Reduce demand for new roofing
•       Relieve stress on power grid
•       Retain stormwater and reduce
•       Muffle sound
•       Absorb pollutants
•       Double life of roof to 100 years+
•       Restore green habitat to urban
•          Beautify roof/aesthetics
•       Establish new jobs
•       Boost economy in whole new
•       Increase in tourism
•       Increase urban real estate
•       Increase living and recreational
Photo courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc.
Photo courtesy of
Roofscapes, Inc