Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
About Us
Environmental conservation and energy consumption have long been among the
concerns held by the scientific community.  Recently, these issues have been
gaining recognition by the mainstream as have the long term effects of consuming
the world’s natural resources at the current rate.

Major cities around the world are beginning to address ways to alleviate negative
urban lifestyle by-products such as toxic emissions from traffic congestion and high
energy consumption.  The correlation between these by-products and the world’s
climate and environmental health is finally being recognized by world experts.  
Moreover, cities are actively seeking methods to improve their environmental
predicament and the quality of life of their residents. They now recognize that all
future development must be green and sustainable.   

Enter Earth Our Only Home, Inc. (EOOH).  Guided by the timeless Iroquois quote,   
Courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc.
Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
                      -The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

the Boston-based green roof consultancy reaches out to residential and corporate owners.

Drawing inspiration from the famed Emerald Necklace (a series of parks that encircle Boston) EOOH is committed to educating and engaging the city in the development of green public and private spaces to create a similar strand along the sky line.

EOOH focuses its efforts primarily on installations for commercial clientèle with structures such as office buildings, hospitals, universities, hotels and parking garages, positioned where the potential to cool the city would be most effective. The company’s services also include residential installations as the roof tops of Boston’s beloved brownstones provide ideal foundations on which to create greenscapes.    

In addition to green roofs’ environmental attributes such as the ability to absorb
carbon dioxide and reduce ambient air temperature thereby relieving stress on
power grids, green roofs offer pioneering property and business owners the
opportunity to save on energy costs and extend the life of their property’s original
roof.  In some instances, installing a green roof can also increase the amount of
useable space raising the property’s overall real estate value.   

Equally determined to elevate Boston’s environmental consciousness as to develop
its green roof business, EOOH has undertaken efforts to promote public awareness
and secure financial commitment to that end.  So encouraged by the potential for
green roofs to impact city residents positively, the company’s owners have
personally proposed legislation to the city and state in an effort to secure incentives
for residents and businesses that adopt green technology.  For clients in the
nonprofit sector, EOOH assists them in their search for the funding necessary to
make their green roofs a reality.  

Whether seeking an innovative method to protect a roofing investment or
incorporating conservation efforts into business practices, Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
clients can rest assured that they are involved with what might be considered a
paradox in this day and age:  a company working for the greater good.   
“In our every deliberation we must consider the impact
of our decisions on the next
seven generations,”