Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
We are a Boston-based women-owned company whose goal is to
green the City of Boston, the State of Massachusetts, and beyond.
Given the current fragile conditions of our environment, we first
and foremost are working diligently to find ways to green our
coast from Boston to Washington, DC.  This northeast corridor has
been likened to a large cement oven and the faster we can cool it
with green plants, the greater our chances will be to stabilize our
atmosphere and oceans, thus averting disaster.  

In this section, you will learn in more detail about
our company
and its president:   
Karen L. Weber
Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
About Us
Past civilizations had no way to know that
climates could change.  
We do.  But if we
are to avert disaster, we have to act on our
knowledge, and we haven’t done that yet.
--Eugene Linden, Parade, June 25, 2006, p.7
Earth Our Only Home, through an official
resolution offered by City Councilor Rob
Consalvo, on June 27, 2007, was
recognized by the Boston City Council for
our "tireless commitment to the building of
green roofs throughout the city of Boston in
an effort to aid in the reduction of global
warming not only in our city but across the

We thank City Councilor Rob Consalvo, City
Council President Maureen Feeney and the
Boston City Council for this special honor.