Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
About Us:  Karen L. Weber
Karen L. Weber          
Co-President, Earth Our Only Home, Inc.

Karen has first hand experience seeing the impact society has on the environment. As
a former researcher for the World Bank, Karen analyzed the cost benefits of fish
farming in Côte d’Ivoire.  She also spent many years studying maritime fisheries and
oceans in this West African country where she held a research position at the Center
for Economic and Social Research and the Center for Oceanographic Research.  A
long time environmental advocate, her diverse professional and educational
background led her to complete an interdisciplinary doctoral project analyzing the
management of maritime fisheries from the aspects of policy, anthropology,
economics, environment, biology and law.

She has been a teacher of Business English at the Université de Paris and a wholesale
travel agent based in Paris for tour groups traveling across Europe and North Africa.  
She worked as an administrator for a co-generation project (an environmentally-
sound coal plant that would produce two forms of energy, steam and electricity) and
for an automotive corporation whose lightweight cooling designs allowed cars to be
built using less resources and achieve much improved gas mileage.  Karen has also
undertaken fundraising for the Cousteau Society and worked at the Institute for the
Interdisciplinary Study of Education at Northeastern University.

Years of study have taken Karen across five continents.  She has earned both a Ph.D.
in Law, Policy and Society and an MA in Social Anthropology from Northeastern
University.  Karen has also completed a Certificate in International Law from the
Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales (IHEI), at the Université de Paris and a B.A.
in Humanistic Studies from McGill University in Montréal, Canada where she received
the coveted Scarlet Key Award.  Karen speaks English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and
some Italian.

Married and the mother of four children (including triplets), Karen even makes time to
serve on the Board of Directors of her childrens’ school.

Her involvement with Earth Our Only Home, Inc. is motivated by her passion to know
that her children and grandchildren will have a future. She wants this for everyone’s
One touch of
nature makes the
whole world kin.
-William Shakespeare