Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
Hospitals, Wellness Centers, Retirement Homes
Heal Fast, Feel Good
“Research has demonstrated
that people heal faster after
surgery when exposed to
natural scenery…”

By Peg Boyles, Writer/Editor University
of New Hampshire Cooperative
"Health studies suggest that
even relatively passive contact
with nature lowers blood
pressure and anxiety levels."
--Jennifer Ackerman, Urban Downtime in
National Geographic, October 2006
"Studies have shown that green open
spaces have tangible benefits to human
health and well-being, speeding recovery
of hospital patients and calming the very ill."

--Earth Pledge, Green Roofs, China:  Schiffler
Publishing Ltd, 2005, p. 56.
Life Expression Chiropractic Center
Sugar Loaf, Pennsylvania
Photo courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc.
Earth Our Only Home, Inc. offers you the opportunity to provide green
space on your roof and around your facility for families and friends to
visit, breathe fresh air, and take respite from machines and sanitized
smells.  Provide a peaceful refuge for your patients and staff.  You will
see the difference in the way people feel and how your center operates.