Earth Our Only Home, Inc.
With the skyline at your feet, envision spring and summer
weddings on the roof
afternoon concerts under a gazebo
dancing under a full moon to the strains of a jazz       
With the skyline at your feet, enjoy the sweet scent of
coffee brewing and the hiss of the expresso machine
at an open air café.
With the skyline at your feet, revel in uninterrupted views
of rosy-fingered dawns and breathtaking sunsets.
With the skyline at your feet, taste exotic fruits and
luscious brioches laced with honey during a leisurely  
Sunday morning buffet
With the skyline at your feet, center yourself
as you relax into the peace of meditative yoga.
Imagine the solace to weary travelers of green vistas        
from every guest room –
                in the very heart of the city.
Green roofs, living walls and tree islands add a special
quality to hotels.  Earth Our Only Home, Inc. will be happy
to work with your management team to give your  hotel a
unique feel - one that adds style and grace with a new
green space.
Add Green Style to Your Hotel
The Four Season Hotel - Boston, MA
Photo courtesy o f Roofscapes, Inc.