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Our Services
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The section gives an overview of various services we provide, but
it is not fully inclusive.  We cater to every special need and
particularity of each project.  Here we will look at various green
roof applications including
hotels, hospitals, schools, libraries,
universities, non-profits such as community centers and theatres,
and more.  Apartment buildings, office buildings, department
stores and parking garages also gain savings by adding a green
roof to beautify and cool their structures.   We also encourage the
combination of
solar and green roof technology. Although we
focus on green roofs, we also recommend other forms of greening
which include
living walls, tree islands, rain gardens, parks, arbors
and wetlands.  
We are also able to provide green roof services
for both commercial and residential applications.
Chicago City Hall - Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy of Roofscapes, Inc.
Section Overview:  Our Services
While normal roof membranes last 10 to 15
years, a green roof can double or triple the
life of the roof membrane by eliminating
weather related expansion and retraction
and damaging exposure to sunlight.

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